Fight for your right to healthcare choice & affordable access. Email your legislator!

It's time for leaders in Harrisburg to engage on behalf of consumers-their constituents-to protect consumer choice and affordable access to health care.

Bipartisan legislation is circulating in both the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and Senate that will prevent health systems that are both an insurance company and a provider of health care from denying patients affordable access by refusing to contract with all interested insurance companies. This legislation, if enacted, will prevent health care providers from exerting their market power to the detriment of the community.

The Governor and legislators have the opportunity to engage on behalf of consumers to protect consumer choice and affordable access.

It's your chance to fight back against health care systems that want to deny you affordable access simply because of your insurance card.

Tell your elected officials to protect consumer choice and affordable access.

Make your voice heard.

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Q: What's the issue?

A: The issue is that an increasing number of hospital and health system mergers and consolidations have reduced competition among health care providers, which tends to cause health care costs to go up. This dynamic is particularly true when a health care system dominates a region and uses its power to extract increased prices from health care purchasers and consumers.

When dominant health systems - especially those affiliated with health insurance providers - use their market power to refuse to contract with certain health insurance providers, that restricts some patients' affordable access to health care as well as individuals' freedom of choice in selecting a health care provider. No single health care company should be able to decide who can access affordable health care in their community.

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